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123CMMC - How to Prepare for the DIBCAC Assessment

CyberNINES CEO Scott Singer was last week’s guest on the always informative YouTube channel, 123CMMC - Cyber Security with Dana Mantilia speaking on “How To Prepare For the DIBCAC Assessment In Order To Avoid Questions”.

Check out the interview here! 123CMMC Interview

The interview covers the following subjects:

  • - How to prepare for the DIBCAC assessment in order to avoid questions
  • - DIBCAC Assessment
  • - Initial scoping call
  • - Are NFO controls asked during an assessment?

Is your company preparing for a CMMC Assessment? CyberNINES is now an authorized CMMC Certified Third-Party Assessment Organization (C3PAO).  We offer Pre-Assessment and CMMC Assessment services.  Contact us Today!