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Penetration Test Versus Vulnerability Scan

What’s the Difference Between a Vulnerability Scan and a PEN Test?

We find that often customers become confused between a Vulnerability Scan and a Penetration (PEN) test.  We’ve created this table below to show the differences. 
Basically, a  vulnerability scan is an automated, high-level test that looks for and reports potential vulnerabilities.
A penetration test is a detailed hands-on examination by an actual person that tries to detect and exploit weaknesses in your system.
These tests are good steps to maintain Cybersecurity compliance
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Insider Threat awareness

Insider Threat Awareness

An insider threat in cybersecurity refers to the risk of an organization's data or network being compromised by a trusted individual within the organization, such as an employee, contractor, or business partner. Insider threats can be intentional or unintentional, and they can be caused by a variety of factors, including malice, carelessness, or ignorance.

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Cybernines discusses new Cyber rules for FEMA NFIPs

Cyber changes come to FEMA's NFIP

On the 27th of February FEMA announced the Fiscal Year 2024 Financial Assistance/Subsidy Arrangement for private property insurers interested in participating in the National Flood Insurance Program’s (NFIP) Write Your Own (WYO) Program. This announcement contains specific requirements regarding cybersecurity, which need to be attained by private insurance companies participating in NFIP’s WYO. 

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Webinar update to DFARS & CMMC

View Webinar: An Update on DFARS & CMMC With Stacy Bostjanick

On April 4th, Stacy Bostjanick, DoD’s Director for CMMC, joined PreVeil for an exclusive webinar where the most important DFARS and CMMC questions on the minds of defense contractors were asked.  Additionally, our own Scott Singer – CEO – and Marci Womack – Federal Practice Director at Authorized C3PAO Schellman – provided guidance on the steps contractors should be taking to meet these important compliance requirements.  

The webinar addressed the following:

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