CyberMatters!  Practical Cybersecurity Workshop

CyberNINES in partnership with Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation, Wisconsin Center for Manufacturing and Productivity (WCMP) and the Wisconsin Procurement Institute hosted a free in person & virtual workshop where attendees were able to engage with some of the best cybersecurity resources in Wisconsin!

We presented information to help identify and understand the true threat, and provided several immediate, practical actions that can help make business operations more secure, as well as provide access to professional resources to develop a practical plan through follow on work.

Diverse Businesses who qualify can also access professional resources to make the first steps of in their cybersecurity journey. Contributions by our sponsors make this $1,000 value available for just $100! The investment will make your company safer and more confident addressing evolving threats.

Follow-On Services

If you're business doesn't qualify under the grant program, we would still like to assist your company as best we can. We offer free consultations and you can set up a time to meet with one of our cybersecurity experts here

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