CyberNINES at WI Early Stage Symposium

Madison, WI - CyberNINES President, Todd Streicher attended the WI Early Stage Symposium, hosted by the Wisconsin Technology Council at the Monona Terrace Convention Center in Madison. This conference is a huge opportunity for startup businesses to present their business plans and pitch their business ideas to venture and angel investors in Wisconsin.


CyberNINES was selected among 24 other companies across industries from industrial materials to medical devices to digital health solutions!

On Wednesday Todd jumped on stage to present our company to a room full of investors. He presented the problem of Cyber Crime and Cyber Warfare we address, the updated CMMC Timeline, the products and services we offer, and just a little bit of who we are and why we do it!

Todd at ESS

There was a lot of interest in CyberNINES! 

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