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InBusiness - Cracking the code

CyberNINES President Todd Streicher was recently interviewed by InBusiness Magazine about the latest trend in business email compromise in which cybercriminals send a new form of phishing emails that hide malicious code behind QR codes and seize credentials in the process.

Todd is quoted throughout the article and gives some tips and tricks about cybersecurity relating to the newest phishing trend called "quishing".

Phishing attacks containing QR code, also known as “quishing,” involve tricking an organization’s users into scanning a QR code using a mobile phone and then redirecting the user to a fake website for the purpose of stealing credentials. One of the reasons threat actors exploit QR codes is they are the simplest way to force a user to move from a more secure desktop or laptop to a less secure mobile device. The latter often lack adequate anti-phishing defenses.

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