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Mobile device Security Explained

Mobile security refers to the protection of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables from threats such as malware, hacking, theft, and unauthorized access. It involves implementing measures and strategies that ensure the safety and privacy of sensitive data and information stored on mobile devices.

Mobile security includes both hardware and software components. Hardware security involves protecting the device itself, including the physical components such as the screen, processor, and memory, from unauthorized access and tampering. This can be achieved through features such as biometric authentication, encryption, and secure booting.

Software security involves protecting the data and applications on the device from malware and other types of cyber threats. This can be achieved through various security measures such as firewalls, antivirus software, and data encryption.

Some of the common mobile security threats include phishing attacks, rogue applications, and network attacks. To protect against these threats, mobile security solutions may include the use of secure communication protocols, network security measures such as VPNs, and mobile device management (MDM) software.

Overall, mobile security is essential to safeguard the sensitive data and information that users store and access on their mobile devices. It is important for individuals, businesses, and organizations to be aware of the potential threats and take steps to protect themselves against them.

One of our Technical Consultants, Steven Kreuger recommends this list of MDM solutions. "I really like Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) /Intune. I've worked with many products in the past, but I really like that MEM is part of the correct Microsoft 365 subscription and seamlessly integrates with other services. A ton of features for managing devices and coverage goes beyond mobile."  CyberNINES Recommendations

Our other recommendations include; Ivanti Neurons for Unified Endpoint Management, ManageEngine Endpoint Central, Workspace ONE by VMware, 

If you are in need of Endpoint of Mobile Security consultations, reach out to one of our cyber experts today!