Physical Security News Articles | August

This month our focus was on Physical Security, we compiled a list of various news articles we shared throughout the month to keep you in the know and updated on recent events & so you can learn more about physical security as it relates to cybersecurity!

Physical Security

Cybersecurity and Physical Security Convergence | CISA

Protecting Portable Devices: Physical Security | CISA

Pave a path to cybersecurity and physical security convergence (

Why Physical Security and Cybersecurity Must Work Together - Nisos 

Why Physical Security Maintenance Should Never Be an Afterthought | Threatpost

How Fugitive Hacker Penetrated US Customs-Controlled Shipyard to Flee the Country (

Top 6 physical security predictions for 2022 | Security Magazine

Digital Transformation Security Threats | Risks & Physical Security Role - Atriade


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